Hi, Eldon here! I heard that ATB is looking for a senior art director. I could be the guy for the job.

Here's my story. If what you see here has you convinced that I could be a great fit for ATB, contact me at 780.445.8884 or eldon@kymson.com. Thanks in advance for giving this a read. Have a great one!

Some History

I don't have a long resume and that's because I've had just two jobs. I began my design career at Habit with one other designer and saw the company grow to fourteen. I can't take all the credit (I've had many amazing coworkers), but I did help form the standard of quality of work that goes out the door, and establish a culture that voids itself of things like entitlement and ego.

I want to work somewhere where people take pride in both their work and their culture. I find great satisfaction in contributing to both. The bottom line is that I'm not interested in stepping stones—I'm in it for the long haul.


Creative Director
(Began as a graphic designer)

Bucas & Pastas
Manager, server, and just about every other hat


MacEwan University
Communications Design, 2005
Dean's list

Louis St. Laurent High School
Diploma with honours, 2000

ATS Traffic  |  This 12-month rebrand united several companies and 300 employees spread across Canada under a single banner. I led the branding project starting with an in-depth brand discovery that included travel across four provinces through the design of hundreds of touchpoints, including a new website and launch campaign. I had a direct hand in nearly all aspects—discovery, strategy, design, and execution.

My Top 5 Attributes

  1. I work well with others because this usually produces work that works well, too. I enjoy being part of a team and I recognize that great ideas can come from anyone. I play well with others, too.
  2. I believe in fine attention to detail because accuracy and finish is important. That said, there's something to be said about finding efficiency and avoiding endless pixel-pushing.
  3. I like to ask why. Why keeps me and everyone else on the right path. It measures the quality of my work and defines the reason I'm doing it. It paints the big picture beyond design.
  4. I'm a fan of great company culture. Working with great people who are all rowing in the same direction is exhilarating. It's amazing what can be accomplished. I'm about dramatic results, not drama.
  5. I've got a wide set of skills. I guess I'm what they call a t-shaped designer. I'm a graphic designer by trade, but I'm well-versed in other areas like marketing strategy, project management, client relations, online marketing, web development, copywriting, and photography.

Software I Know and Love

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
    I've got my hands deep in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign on a regular basis, and I'm familiar with Premiere Pro and Lightroom.
  • Sketch
    I've been working with Sketch for about two years. Just hands-down amazing for web and digital applications.
  • MailChimp
    I've been creating and sending emails since MailChimp's early days. It's my favourite email distribution app, and I have the t-shirts to prove it.
  • Asana
    I've used this extensively over the past few years to manage projects and their people and tasks.
  • Slack
    This is a great brainstorming space. And the less email in everyone's inbox, the better.
  • Evernote
    It's been my brain-dumping space for years, and a valuable collaboration tool.

NACTRC  |  I've developed several clinical trial campaigns for the Northern Alberta Clinical Trials + Research Centre like the one on the left, the success of which led to Edmonton's first public awareness campaign for health research (right). The Be the Cure campaign was an integrated one that generated substantial awareness using traditional and online media. I contributed with messaging, design, strategy, and overall direction.

Towers  |  This was a rebrand for MacEwan University's city centre pub. I oversaw brand identity development and had a direct hand in the pub's environmental graphic design. As an added bonus, this poster series found a spot in HOW Magazine.

YEGisHome.ca  |  Built under the REALTORS® banner, the website was created to blend listings, live data, and community info to better help people find where to buy. I provided direction and contributed directly with identity, web, and UI/UX design.

On a Personal Note

I'm into cycling and ball hockey (because I just can't skate). I love the smell of the Canadian Rockies and love visiting Japan, too. I think I've been there 12 times now. When I'm lounging around, I enjoy scouring design annuals for inspiration and watching movies (even the bad ones). And last but not least, I love to eat. Let's face it, the cycling and hockey is really just to even things out.

Umami Shop  |  This freelance branding project began with a small store in Chalon-sur-Saône, France, and made its way to Lethbridge, Alberta. Umami Shop is a boutique grocer that expands your culinary mind by offering international foods, cooking classes, and a cafe. Their logo claimed a page in the Brand New Awards.

Nineteen  |  Also known as "XIX", this south Edmonton restaurant was suffering from an identity crisis. I guided my team as we transformed Nineteen's stuffy image into one that focused on great food. I contributed directly with message development and art direction. Two years later, I oversaw the launch campaign of their second location.

Brand Identity

I've designed brand identities for businesses across many different industries including retail, industrial, hospitality, non-profits, and entertainment. Having worked with organizations with three to three hundred employees, I've learned to not only work with them from a design perspective, but also how to navigate cultural and political waters to provide great results.

Where We Fit

I appreciate that ATB strives to always be more than just a bank, and that its focus is on Alberta's backyard. Do I have an ATB vision? I will because I'm a proud Albertan, where I was born and raised, and I have a passion for helping small businesses grow from good to great. Furthermore, I'd like to get more involved in my community. Do I have a strong understanding of industry direction and currents? Not as strong as you, but I'll learn that quickly.

It sounds like ATB is a place where constant improvement is always sought out while having fun in the process. And that sounds like a place where I'll fit right in.